Table represents prices at time of Alerts. Individual performance may vary. ROI is based upon the strike price at which the most recent option has been sold and may not, in fact, be the ultimate selling price.


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Option to Profit is a subscription service helping investors create portfolio income.This DEMO SITE has no access to restricted information and is NOT updated on a regular basis. Want more information?

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Monthly Web Site Access Subscribers get:

Monthly Subscribers to the Option to Profit Website have complete access to all articles, archives, spreadsheets and performance statistics, as well as all Trading Alerts published within 10 minutes of their transmission to Trading Alert Service Subscribers

    • Weekend Update game plan for coming week posted on Sunday;
    • Full access to ad free website, including comment and blogging rights;
  • Portfolio and performance Tracking Tools;


Monthly Trading Alert Subscribers get:

All of the above, plus

  • Text Message Trading Alerts;
  • Ability to submit stocks for OTP consideration; and
  • personal Portfolio Analysis (available to non-Subscribers on fee basis)


You may also view the DEMO site. It has has limited functionality, is periodically updated, but cannot access restricted data on a timeley nor actionable basis.

A Web Site Access Subscription is $50/Month, with a $25 first month introductory rate.

An Introductory Trading Alert Subscription is $100/mo. The recurring monthly subscription rate is $200. Annual subscription plans are available DETAILED INFORMATION?